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So in anger and discussed Legion abandon his brother and travel through Tartarus a prison for Enti TimeLords in side the planet thar ware came from...Azeroth to make an army of his own demons to wipe out any species know as the Darkness. Legion was impressed of what he created with out realizing Thanos was watching him, and made the alicorns to make sure that if the darkness ever come they will be no match for them, as well as a chosen one named Starswil Sparkle the bearded, which they both work together to help every pony live in pease.

Mean wile Legion noticed how powerful they might become but not how, so his sons Tirek and Scorpan both were raised to give information on everything plus destroy everything as well. Legion then send them both to Equestria for thar fathers will Tirek saw how week and pointless they are with thar choices, wile Scorpan discovered that they don't have A reason to die that third just trying there hardest to live gust like him he even met Celestia, Luna, Starswirl to have thar own opinion on this world and how they are willing to protect it.
Scorpan tried reasoning with both his brother and father about stoping the hatred of the ponies only for them to see that he betrayed his own kind then Legion had no choice but to end it once and for all....


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